To futher explain, I have Food as the parent page and Fruit and Nuts as the 
children. These each have children pages. But I also have a Healthy Food 
page somewhere else and I want to link to just some of the food pages. So I 
do this:
But these links are still based only on urls or paths whereas I want to 
build something more robust, based on page number. Something like:

On Monday, December 29, 2014 1:06:55 PM UTC+13, Dean Satchell wrote:
> Radius is really useful for linking between parent and children content. 
> However, I also need to cross reference pages with html links. Is there a 
> way of using radius tags for linking to a page based on the page number 
> (e.g. pages/1234/)? Url links will break when changes are made to the slug 
> or the page is moved in the tree, whereas the page number never changes. 
> Thanks in advance!


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