This might be a basic answer to a more complicated issue, but here's my two 

Did you make sure that MySQL is configured to be accessible from external 
sources, or from the IP of the RADIATOR instance?


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Good evening,
I am having issues with something I do not understand. I am trying to 
consolidate servers, and databases. I have a server that is only built for 
housing my mysql db, and I have 2 radiator instances, which I am trying to 
decommission one. That being said I am trying to get my newer radiator build to 
talk to this new server. I can connect to it via command line, works fine. My 
php scripts work just fine, radiator tho, does not connect to the new server. 
Will read its internal db just fine. Attached are a snipit of the log, and my 
config. Only change was the DB source.


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