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How do I confirm or calculate the number of concurrent requests a single Radiator instance can handle?

It's hard to say how to calculate this. It depends on what the instance is configured to do. For example, if it has to proxy requests, you are likely going to be bounded by CPU performance. If there are database lookups, the instance may need to wait DB responses while its CPU utilisation stays low.

How can I view stats to know when the instance is nearing capacity?

I'd watch CPU utilisation and UDP receive errors (netstat -u -s). The UDP receive errors increase if the receive buffer fills up and the kernel has to start dropping incoming Radius UDP messages.

If Radiator logs that it is receiving duplicate requests, this may indicate that the client is not getting responses as quickly as it needs (or the responses are dropped between Radiator and the client). The duplicates may indicate that there are problems handling the requests in timely manner.

Depending on your configuration there can be other indicators too, but the above should give a starting point.


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