Hugh, thanks for that example. I suppose that might work, but that kind of gets 
ugly from our standpoint. I’d really like to not have to parse up Class as 
we’re using that in several places now. If we change it, it’s going to require 
a bunch of code changes and parsing.

Maybe an easier way, if one is known is how we can use/find which AuthBy is the 
one that’s accepted?

<AuthBy GROUP>
   Identifier GROUP_1
   AuthByPolicy      ContinueUntilAccept
   AuthBy X_AUTH1

I’m looking for a way to identify users with successful login on X_DEFAULT 
only. (default). The first two AuthBy’s in the group can log normally, only 
logging failure.

FOr AuthBy X_DEFAULT it would be nice to log on Success and Failure. 

If that’s not possible, I’m looking for something (other than class) that I 
could flag in authentication request so that when accounting records come in, 
they are flagged. I appreciate your Class tags, but at this point, that’s last 
resort changing Class.

I simply need to find a way where we can identify in either log or in 
accounting those users successfully (and only successfully) getting accepted in 


> On Nov 27, 2017, at 5:37 PM, Hugh Irvine <> wrote:
> Hi Robert -
> A pretty easy way to do this is with multiple pseudo-attributes in the Class 
> attribute.
> I’ve included an example below.
> cheers

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