I've got multiple realms configured that authenticate via a single
flatfile. The reason for the multiple realms is due to multiple 
customer types to allow them to dial in for different functions - 
i.e. DVS tunnelling on BAY 5399's, IPASS, etc. I have a single
flatfile with basic authentication details, and use 
RewriteUsername s/^([^@]+).*/$1/
in each <REALM></REALM> pair to strip out the realm.

I want to have separate detail files for each realm for accounting
purpose so I setup:-
        # Where do we write the accounting file
        AcctLogFileName %L/detail.%R-%Y%m%d
in each realm file.. but it is creating the detail file as
%L/detail.-19990218 instead of %L/detail.realmname-19990218

Putting the AcctLogFileName entry before or after the Rewrite 
has no effect.

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