On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Stephen Ollis wrote:

> I've got multiple realms configured that authenticate via a single
> flatfile. The reason for the multiple realms is due to multiple 
> customer types to allow them to dial in for different functions - 
> i.e. DVS tunnelling on BAY 5399's, IPASS, etc. I have a single
> flatfile with basic authentication details, and use 
> RewriteUsername s/^([^@]+).*/$1/
> in each <REALM></REALM> pair to strip out the realm.
> I want to have separate detail files for each realm for accounting
> purpose so I setup:-
>         # Where do we write the accounting file
>         AcctLogFileName %L/detail.%R-%Y%m%d
> in each realm file.. but it is creating the detail file as
> %L/detail.-19990218 instead of %L/detail.realmname-19990218
> Putting the AcctLogFileName entry before or after the Rewrite 
> has no effect.

This is the point of my recent patch recommendation (Thanks to Mike for
incorporating it into the next release!).

You HAVE to stop stripping off the realm (you actually need to guarantee
it is there) and then use the change that I mentioned in my previous post.

This will solve your problem.


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