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On Feb 18,  7:27pm, Shawn Hogan wrote:
> Subject: Re: [Optigold-ISP] Re: (RADIATOR) Recommendations for ISP  Billin
> Greg Gibson wrote:
> >I, for one, would sure love to see some integration between Radiator and
> >Optigold.
> Hmmmmm... Radiator is a RADIUS server I take it?

> Are there any hooks into Radiator, or how does Radiator allow other apps
> to talk to it?
Its supplied as full source code. It works with a wide range of user databases,
including flat file, DBM, password file, SQL, LDAP, Proxy etc etc, and runs on
Unix, NT, Win95/98, Rhapsody etc. When it comes to SQL, it can work with almost
any free or commercial SQL server.

What we would really like to be able to do is to authenticate users directly
out of the OptiGold database, and insert dialup usage records dorectly into the
database. That makes for a very tightly integrated auth/billing/cust management

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