Mike McCauley wrote:

>Its supplied as full source code. It works with a wide range of user 
>including flat file, DBM, password file, SQL, LDAP, Proxy etc etc, and 
>runs on
>Unix, NT, Win95/98, Rhapsody etc. When it comes to SQL, it can work with 
>almost any free or commercial SQL server.
>What we would really like to be able to do is to authenticate users directly
>out of the OptiGold database, and insert dialup usage records dorectly 
>into the
>database. That makes for a very tightly integrated auth/billing/cust 
>management package.

Cool... definately sounds pretty nice...

I could probably put some custom stuff into Optigold ISP to allow for 
Radiator to authenticate directly from it, but to be honest, it would 
probably be easier to just wait until FileMaker Pro 5.0 in May.  Which 
adds a two-way SQL/ODBC plug-in.

In your "ideal" world, how would *you* want to autenticate from the 
Optigold ISp database?

  - Shawn

Shawn D. Hogan
President, Data Point Solutions
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