Hi all,

We have been using Radiator since 2.09 and are testing 2.13 before releasing it
and I found some strange things. I get the feeling there are lots of changes
which make the application much more complex. I hope I'm wrong about my feeling
a bit worried about these issues:

- when sending a kill -USR1 or -USR2 to the Radiatro process, the logfile
states 'increased trace level to 1'. This is clearly wrong, as the number
doesn't change, but the trace level changes.

- when requesting a status dump, I get tons of info from every client defined
in the config file, but the last client only shows the number of access
requests (just the first line). Could this be a limit in the UDP packet size?
It's over 300 lines of output, we have defined over 10 clients.

Anyone else noticed this?

- Joost.

Joost Stegeman

KPN Telecom

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