I have radiator running on a linux server using a mysql database.  I
have Simultaneous-Use checking enabled but it is not working.  What do I
need to add to enable the sim use checking?  Thanks.

The database is as follows:
    <AuthBy SQL>
       DBSource        dbi:mysql:dbname
       DBUsername      dbname
       DBAuth          dbname
       AuthSelect Select Password, IdleTime, SessionTime, \
           SimUse, LogonTime, CheckAttr, ReplyAttr, StaticIP from \
           Subscribers Where UserName = '%n' and Status = 'A'
       AuthColumnDef 0, User-Password, check
       AuthColumnDef 1, Idle-Timeout, reply
       AuthColumnDef 2, Session-Timeout, reply
       AuthColumnDef 3, Simultaneous-Use, check
       AuthColumnDef 4, Time, check
       AuthColumnDef 5, GENERIC, check
       AuthColumnDef 6, GENERIC, reply
       AuthColumnDef 7, Framed-IP-Address, reply
       AccountingTable RadiusAccounting
       AcctColumnDef   UserName,User-Name
       AcctColumnDef   TimeStamp,Timestamp,integer
       AcctColumnDef   StatusType,Acct-Status-Type
       AcctColumnDef   DelayTime,Acct-Delay-Time,integer
       AcctColumnDef   InputOctets,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
       AcctColumnDef   OutputOctets,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
       AcctColumnDef   SessionID,Acct-Session-Id
       AcctColumnDef   SessionTime,Acct-Session-Time,integer
       AcctColumnDef   TerminateCause,Acct-Terminate-Cause
       AcctColumnDef   NASIdent,Client-Id
       AcctColumnDef   NASPort,NAS-Port,integer
       AcctColumnDef   FramedIPAddress,Framed-IP-Address
       AcctColumnDef   ConnectSpeed,Connect-Speed
       AcctColumnDef   ModType,Modulation-Type
       AcctColumnDef   CallerID,Calling-Station-Id
       AcctColumnDef   PopID,Called-Station-Id

Richard W. Hawley - Network Engineer
CyberZone Internet Services

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