> Radiator is a pretty good product and it is very flexible.  The performance
> is not too good though ?? I've tried to push Radiator both on my ultra-10
> and ultra-enterprise 2 and in both case I cannot pass ~40 tps and the
> CPU go to 99%.  There is very litte difference between an ultra-2 enterprise
> and ultra 10 (the ultra -2 should do at least 3 X better).  The user database
> used is the sample shipped witth the product so it has very few entries.
> Am I doing something wrong here or it just the way Radiator works.

It works with few CPU on a Linux box that is much less powerfull that your
We have 20 or 30 req/second with more than 200,000 entry in flat file using
DB_File .... You must have a problem in Perl I guess ...
Do you use DB_File or Ascii file ?

You may try a config with ASCII file only.
DB or dbm may have a bug on you Sparc.
I suggest to compile DB and Perl and not to use the one included in Solaris.


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