Hi Mike,

I've got this from Platypus help:

"Keep in mind that it is possible for a user to use more time than he was
assigned, if he does so before you deactivate his account.  His minutes
remaining will become negative, and you can deal with the user as you see
The exception to this issue is Platypus users with an ODBC compliant RADIUS.
If the customerís Remaining Block Minutes is used to set the Session Limit,
the customer will be disconnected by RADIUS when his time expires."
So what I want to do is tell Radiator to reject connections based on Usage
But I don't know what is this "Session Limit" attribute.

My radius.cfg has the following lines (I modified the view as you told me):
AuthSelect ,sa.maxsessions,sa.timeleft
AuthColumnDef 0, Simultaneous-Use, check

What should I do to block users that have "timeleft" field negative or zero?

Ricardo Freire

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