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On Mar 19, 12:36pm, Rich Hawley wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Console errors
> DBD::mysql::db do failed: Got error -1 from table handler at
> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/Radius/SessSQL.pm  line 103
> The radius logs show that the failure is happening when it tries to add
> an entry to the session database, but I'm not sure why that is failing.
> The radius.cfg file has the following session info.  The DBUsername and
> DBAuth is the same as the AuthBy section and that works, so I doubt its
> that.

I havent seen that one before.

It looks like an error thats been thrown back by mysql. It would be helpful if
we could see the SQL query that caused this (you can see them by running
Radiator at a trace level of 4). We could then determine if Radiator has sent a
bad query of if the problem originated in mysql.

Is it happening all the time, or just occasionally?
What revisions of mysql, DBI and DBD-mysql are you running?


> <SessionDatabase SQL>
>         DBSource dbi:mysql:Radius
>         DBUsername ****
>         DBAuth ****
>         AddQuery \
>                 insert into RadiusSessions (UserName, NASIdent, NASPort,
> \
>                 AcctSessionID, TimeStamp, FramedAddress, NASPortType, \
>                ServiceType) values ('%n', '%N', %{NAS-Port},
> '%{Acct-Session-Id}', \
>                %{Timestamp}, '%{Framed-IP-Address}', '%{Port-Type}',
> '%{Service-Type}')
>        DeleteQuery \
>                 delete from RadiusSessions where UserName='%n' and \
>                 NASIdent='%N' and NASPort=%{NAS-Port}
>         ClearNasQuery \
>                 delete from RadiusSessions where NASIdent='%N'
>         CountQuery \
>                 select NASIdent, NASPort, AcctSessionID from
> RadiusSessions \
>                 where UserName='%n'
> </SessionDatabase>
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