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On Mar 30,  1:42pm, Christian Brem wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Duplicate Accounting Entries
> Hi!
> Consider the following scenario:
>    Client sends accounting request, radius processes it (inserts record
> into database),
> then ACKs it. This ACK is lost in time and space. Client times out, and
> sends its accounting
> request again. Radius tries to insert it into database -- and fails
> miserably because of
> uniqueness constraints, since this record has already been stored. Client
> now either
> gets a NAK or a timeout, and retries again...

Hmmm, I cant see that Radiator will NAK or ignore just because an accounting
insertion failed. Are you sure thats whats happening?

Its true that if the first ACK is lost, the NAS will retransmit (with a new
identifier and Acct-Delay-Time changed), and Radiator will try to insert the
same data in the database. But it should still ACK, even if the insert fails.


>   I have seen clients trying as much as five times to get rid of their
> accounting record...
>   Is there a possibility of saying "when this SQL-error occurs, treat it as
> success"?
> thanx for help, Christian Brem
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