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> Subject: (RADIATOR) first time user
> Hi There ... I just just installing Radiator on Redhat 5.2 for the first time
... I got perl Makefile.PL and then make to run fine (all passed) ... then I
run perl radiusd -config_file goodies/simple.cfg so that I can test it and it
justs sits there and I see no error messages or success messages ...

The config file simple.cfg by default does little logging.
Try running radiator like this:

perl radiusd -config_file goodies/simple.cfg -trace 4 -log_stdout

and you should see lots more detail, including a detailed trace of whats
happening to each request.

> I try and run perl radpwtst -user xxx -pass xxx and I get
> sending Access-Request
> Rejected
> sending Accounting-Request Start...
> OK
> sending Accounting-Request Stop...
> OK
> anu ideas???

Probably user xxx is not in the user database that you have configured into
simple.cfg (by default its the  file ./users)

> I just want to authenticate ONLY (no accounting for now) and I want to do it
via /etc/passwd on the same machine ... I would like a simple config for that
also while I am at it if possible ... =) ... thanks!

Try this:

<Client DEFAULT>
        Secret  mysecret
        DupInterval 0

        <AuthBy UNIX>
                Filename /etc/passwd

Hope that helps.


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