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On Apr 17, 11:47pm, Rob Thomas wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Ah. <Authby SQL> question..
> I've been plowing through radiator, and I'm pretty happy with it. Just going
> through and I don't seem to find any documentation on having a different
> database for authentication and accounting. Am I blind, or is it not there?
Its there, just a bit non-obvious

You wil need to set up 2 AuthBy SQL, each with slightly differetn setup. With
SQL, if you have an _empty string_ for the AuthSelect, it wont to do
authentication. If AcctTable is not defined, it wont do accounting, so:

        AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileReject
        # This one does accounting, but rejects all auths
        <AuthBy SQL>
                AcctTable ACCOUNTING
                DBSource        dbi:mysql:db1
        # THis one does auths, but not accounting
        <AuthBy SQL>
                AuthSelect whatever
                DBSource        dbi:mysql:db2

Hope that helps.


> Why, I hear you asking, do you want to do that?
> Well.  I'm using MySQL and MySQL can't limit access per table, only per
> database. So, I'm going to have to set up two databases. One with only
> 'select' permissions (for authentcation), and the other with
> insert/update/delete permissions (for accounting - insert only, and
> simultaneous-use, requires insert, update(?) and delete.)  So really, I need
> three databases. Or I need Oracle 8-)
> Anyone done this?
> --Rob
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