On Apr 21,  7:40pm, Dialup USA Sales Dept wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Radiator Hanging on Startup
> Im trying to get radiator working on a new machine that will be mirrored to
> the current machine.  However whenever I start radiator it just hangs and
> nothing happens.  I have to push control C to cancel it.  Any ideas what
> could be the problem.  Im using an identical config file that is working on
> the other machine.

I have seen something similar when Radiator tries to resolve a DNS name and is
not getting a response from the DNS server, or the DNS is slow.

See of you can run truss or trace or similar to see whether thats what its
doing when it hangs.

Alternatively, you could do this:

perl -d radiusd -config_file ........

(lots of output until it gets to the place where it hangs)

Please let me know how you go. If there is a bug, I wish to fix it.


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