> >         Framed-IP-Address =, <-----
> why do you wish to configure this invalid IP address

That's how you set some NAS to assign IP addresses from a
dynamic pool. Depends on your NAS but for some this is the
proper way. (Others you don't have to do anything, just
-not- specify an IP address, and they will make one up for
you :)

> > 3- FinallyI think the best solution to my problems is that 
> > I want to give a dinamic IP from a pool defined on the Radiator 
> > configuration. 

This would be really good: particularly if it can assign a user
dialling back in after a disconnection the same IP address unless
it has already been used by another user. Although it might not
help Windows users too much, some OS will keep an active connection 
(for example a long ftp or mail with attachments) between sessions 
if the IP address doesn't change.


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