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On Apr 30, 11:41am, ryanm wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) A Couple of Questions I cannot find answers for
> Hello fellow Radiator users,
> I cannot seem to figure out how to do a couple of things or
> where there
> are documents on doing the following with radiator
> 1) When trying to do RewriteUsername tr/[A-Z]/[a-z]/ to make
> LARRY/Larry/LaRrY
>    appear as larry does not work. Is this regexp correct? It
> works with a perl
>    program I wrote sometime ago to do password translation

That looks right, and it should work.
If you run your radiator at trace level 4, you should be able to see it telling
you what rewrites its doing.

Dont forget that RewriteUsername can only appear at the top level, in Client,
Realm, Handler and AuthBy GROUP clauses. Most AuthBy clauses dont honour it.

If you cant figure out why its not working after that, sned me your config file
(no secrets) and your log file.

> 2) When you have several Access Servers/ Portmasters do you
> just specify them
>    like the following:
>    <Client pm1.my.domain>
>       Secret mysecret
>    </Client>
>    <Client as1.my.domain>
>         Secret myOtherSecret
>    </Client>

Yes, thats right.

>    ...
> I have 12 PM's/AS's I need to hit this radius server.
> 3) How do you define rejection messages for ppl who do not
> fit any of the general
>    < AuthBy> clauses?? These would be ppl dialing in but not
> listed in our user
>    files.
Anyone who is not matched by an explicit user name, or by a DEFAULT user will
automatically be rejected.

> 4) Are there any documents' on setting up MS PPTP to work
> with radiator when dialing in?
>    I need to specify tunnel address and the such for there
> end of the connection.
There is some information about using the generic IETF tunnelling atributes in
the Radiator FAQ.

Hope that helps.


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