I've been logging these errors every few seconds from only my 2511's.
They are all running at least 11.3(7).  I have a large number of 5200
and 5300's that are not generating these errors from what I can tell.  Has
anyone seen this before and know what could be the deal?  No idea were
this would come from - I doubt that it is radiator but there sure are a
lot of them.  Is it some type of update coming from the router?  Way odd.
We aren't getting a lot of calls and they occur at all hours of the day so
I'm wondering if it is something in the IOS or some type of update that is
getting sent to the radius server.  Just curious if anyone else has seen
this one.

Wed May 12 10:59:43 1999: INFO: Access rejected for ~!E: No such user

A trace 4 does indeed show that is the username passed along:

Wed May 12 08:29:35 1999: DEBUG: Packet dump:
*** Received from port 1645 ....
Code:       Access-Request
Identifier: 202
Authentic:  <191>[h<228><179>~<1><173><Qr<196>Q<222>Jc
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 14
        NAS-Port-Type = Async
        User-Name = "~!E"
        Password =

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ComNet Inc.
UNIX Systems Specialist
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