We're an ISP currently evaluating Radiator and I must say that so far I
love it (it's doing on a test basis what previously required 3 radii).
However, we're having fits getting the Simultaneous-Use attribute to work:
we can get a single user logged on more than once, but Radiator still
authenticates the account even when the Simultaneous-Use is met or
exceeded.  According to the logfile, Radiator queries the TNT about
sessions with the same username via SNMP whenever a new request comes in.
However, it looks like it's always getting a response that makes it think
the existing session(s) have gone away (so new sessions are always
accepted, no matter how many already exist for that user).

  I tracked through the various Radiator modules and I think I've finally
found the exact command Radiator uses to query the NAS (in Nas.pm) -
here's the OID it sends to the TNT via snmpget:


  When I try feeding this to the NAS, I don't get the expected username
(in fact, I usually get just an empty string).  According to our resisdent
Ascend/SNMP guru, that's because the above OID retrieves a username based
on an identifier number the TNT assigns to sessions - this number in no
way corresponds to what it sends as the NAS port in the accounting data.
Said guru doesn't know of an OID that allows querying of the username (or
anything else, for that matter) based on NAS port.

  So, does anyone have any experience using a TNT and a nas type of
AscendSNMP?  Is there an OID that will retrieve a username when fed the
NAS port number, or will I have to use a different one (based on
acctsessionid, for example) and modify Nas.pm?  Or is Ascend's
interpretation of SNMP so horribly broken (as the local expert proclaims)
that I'm better off using finger?  Anyone have any general advice
regarding the TNT and SNMP (the expert is leery of having the TNT queried
by SNMP so often - he claims the SNMP port is prone to locking up, and
requires a reboot to fix)?

  I've got an open trouble ticket with Ascend on this issue, but their
engineers haven't called me back yet (and based on previous experience,
I'm not expecting to get any useful information from them).  We're running
Radiator on a BSD/OS 3.1 box with Perl5.00503, and the TNT's running
version 7.0.4 of the code.  If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

                           Ian Quorn
                       UNIX mook -- IWBC
          "By the hands of doom / Pushed to the - wall
           Fear the inescapable / you all will - fall
           No one is spared / you all will - crawl"
                -Solitude Aeturnus, "Spiral Descent"

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