In order to keep our users straight, we need to know the realm
associated with each username.  However, when I set Radiator to strip the
realm via RewriteUsername, the usernames appear in the accounting files
without the realms.  We could fix this for our local realms by have
"user@realm" in our users files instead of just "user" and removing the
RewriteUsername clause, but that doesn't help when we're proxying auth
requests to one of our customer's radius servers (which we have no control
over, and some of them simply do not understand realms).  I need a way to
pass "user" to the authenticator (external radius server, local file, etc)
while using "user@realm" for everything else (accounting records, session
database, etc).  Ideally this could be done by specifying an appropriate
keyword in a <Realm> or <AuthBy> clause, but I'm open to other options.

  So, has anyone done anything like this before?  If not, any ideas on the
best way to accomplish this?  Maybe a PreHandlerHook would be the best way
to go.  If not, I may have to modify the source code to store the username
before the RewriteUsername and use it in the appropriate places.  Any
comments/advice/ideas welcome.

                           Ian Quorn
                       UNIX mook -- IWBC
          "By the hands of doom / Pushed to the - wall
           Fear the inescapable / you all will - fall
           No one is spared / you all will - crawl"
                -Solitude Aeturnus, "Spiral Descent"

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