Hi all,

If there is anyone running BSDI and are receiving an out of Memory
problems when executing the server then here is the definitive answer to
fixing the problem.

Simply see how much memory Radiusd is running first. Use the unlimit
command before executing radiusd so that it will run ok for now. Leave it
for a while as the size may grow within a short period.

radiusd on our server uses approximately 21M.

In your Kernel Add these lines.

Note # We are running with 512Mb of ram so you would need to adjust these
figures to the amount of Ram you have! MAXDSIZ is the main culprit.

options         NMBCLUSTERS=4096
options         NKMEMCLUSTERS=4096
options         "KMEMSIZE=\(32*1024*1024\)"
options         "DFLDSIZ=\(160*1024*1024\)"
options         "DFLSSIZ=\(16*1024*1024\)"
options         "MAXDSIZ=\(384*1024*1024\)"
options         CHILD_MAX=512
options         OPEN_MAX=256
-----END SNIP-----

Recompile your kernel but don't reboot yet.

This is the main key to setting you datasize limit up to more than the
default 16Mb that BSDI chooses to use. (Thankyou Mike!) Allow yourself
some room for radius memory growth. We use 21M allowed 32M.

Edit the login.conf file most likely in  /etc/login.conf 

Locate the Default values.

        :path=/bin /usr/bin /usr/contrib/bin:\

Where you see :datasize-cur=16M:\  change this to more than what Radius
requires to run. I have set ours up to :datasize-cur=32M:\ to allow radius
to grow if needed.

Reboot the server with the new kernel /  default datasize limit and
you should be able to run radiusd from within inetd.conf, rather than
standalone with the unlimit command or the use of RestartWrapper.

Just to test it simply type limit after it reboots and you should now see
your Datasize set to the amount of which you have in login.conf.

** THANKS Mike for the help (Your a legend)

* Manually test the server by executing it at the command line before
  adding it to your inetd.conf file, just to be sure.


Paul Thornton.

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