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On May 13,  8:48pm, Jamie Orzechowski wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) hmm
> I think I was mistekn with the SYbase DBD stuff for RODOPI ... could someone
please clear this up for me ...
> I am running RODOPI and MS SQL 6.5 and Radiator on UNIX
> What are the DBD PERL modules I should use in order to get it working
>correctly ... I am thinking I should use the ODBC ones instead of the Sybase
>ones ... someone please clear this up for me as I am not a database person ...

There is a discussion about this in the Radiator FAQ at
http://www.open.com.au/radiator/faq.html. The best answer depends on exactly
what type of Unix system is hosting Radiator. More details in the FAQ.


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