When i looked into this a while back, there wasnt a real easy way.
You eiether had to use DBD:Proxy or something similar and install it on
both the NT/MS SQL box and your unix box, so they could talk to each
other, or get a commercial UNIX ODBC driver, from a company like
openlink.com. You would use DBI, DBD:ODBC to talk to the driver, and then
the driver software would talk to the NT box, i believe. Now, some people
claimed that Sybase and MS SQL were similar enough that you could use
DBD:Sybase by itself to talk to the MS SQL box, but this was on a linux
only box (the ctlib needed for this was released by Sybase precompiled
for linux), and we dont run linux, so i never explored this.

Good luck!

- jeremy

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Jamie Orzechowski wrote:

> I think I was mistekn with the SYbase DBD stuff for RODOPI ... could someone please 
>clear this up for me ...
> I am running RODOPI and MS SQL 6.5 and Radiator on UNIX
> What are the DBD PERL modules I should use in order to get it working correctly ... 
>I am thinking I should use the ODBC ones instead of the Sybase ones ... someone 
>please clear this up for me as I am not a database person ... thanks!

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