On May 24,  3:43pm, Clement wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Limit simultaneous use and Bay
> Hi Everyone,
> Last week end, I have a complaint that a user, after disconnected,
> cannot login again.   Radiator rejected that on the ground that
> simultaneous login limit exceeded.  So apparently, Radiator was using
> its internal session database instead of using SNMP to check my BAY
> NAS'es.
If you lose a Stop packet for whatever reason, then Radiator will have an
incorrect count of current sessions for that user. Its a perennial problem in
Radius sim-use protection, and if you have any significant packet loss betwen
NAS and radius server, it makes it almost impossible to achieve correct sim-use
protection. This is not just a problem for Radiator but for any radius server
with sim-use protection.

> How can I check which one Radiator is using?  How can I ask it
> to use SNMP instead of its internal session db?  I have specified BAY as
> the NAS type for all clients.

If you specify a NasType in the Client clause, then Radiator will use SNMP or
Finger (as appropriate to the type of NAS) to double check logins.

> Another worry is, I am using a combination of Bay 4000, 5399 and 8000.
> How can I ask Radiator to SNMP all these NAS'es to make sure that the
> user is only logged in once in my entire network?
Use a different NasType for each Client clause.

Hope that helps.


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