The docs state that a <Realm DEFAULT>  will be handled before any
<Handler> clauses are taken.  This seems a bit odd as the Handler is more
fine tuned and sometimes a <Realm DEFAULT> is needed, so it overrides your
Handlers.  Example:

<Handler Service-Type=Framed-User>
        <AuthBy SQL>
        <AuthBy FILE>
        <AuthBy IPASS>

Now in order to use Ipass, I need that <Realm DEFAULT> in there to catch
the roaming people.  How could I mesh these two so my local customers
still work?  What I'm finding is that local usernames are passed into
Ipass because they fall into the <Realm DEFAULT> clause.  However, I need
those Handlers in there to match certain types of customers, but they are
never consulted because the Realm clause wins.  Any better way of writing
this?  Maybe a <Handler> clause that looks for the @ symbol in the
User-Name attribute?

Aaron Holtz
ComNet Inc.
UNIX Systems Specialist
"It's not broken, it just lacks duct tape."

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