Hi All,
        wondering if anoyone here has much experience with <Handler>s in
the config file - I am trying to use a different authby dependnign on
the username - someone with username  user-router would be authenticated using 
a different AuthBy that someone whith username user. I thought the way to
do this would be:

<Handler Suffix = -router>
# Stuff for user-router in here

# Everyone else's stuff here

However no matter what username I try, the first handler (ie with 
Suffix = -router) is used - from the log file:

Wed Jun  2 13:39:48 1999: DEBUG: Check if Handler Suffix=-router should be 
used to handle this request
Wed Jun  2 13:39:48 1999: DEBUG: Handling request with Handler 'Suffix=-router'

even if the username is username, rather than username-router. 

Any ideas?


Jeremy Burton
Jeremy Burton
Database Administrator, Netspace Online Systems

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