Hi John.

> I have a situation where a phone company is providing the ports for us,
> but they have a lot of NASs.  I'm trying to make a catch all handler that
> will match them since they are all in the same class B.  Their NASs
> require me to put a few extra "AddToReply" statements in to make them
> work better.  What is the proper way to match them?  Below is my first
> try:
> <Handler Client-Id = 209.244>
> At first, I thought that their proxy radius servers were going to send the
> IP address of the radius server as the client ID, but I'm actually getting
> the NAS IP in the client-id field.  Is there a way to write a handler that
> works on the "Receieved from" instead of just the RADIUS attributes?  If
> so, they only have 4 radius servers and that would be pretty easy to trap
> with only 4 handler statements.

So, they have lots of NASs, but all request are proxied through only 4 of their
radius servers?

Perhaps you could put a RewriteUsername in the Client clause(s) for them, and
add some distinctive tag to the end of the user name, which you could then
recognise with a Realm or Handler clause?

Hope that helps.


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