Hello Abdul,

This is probably close to what you want. You will have to replace sid with the
Oracle SID of your database, and username and passwrod with teh Oracle username
and password to access that database. The detail log file will go in %D/detail
(ie a file called detail in your DbDir)

 AuthByPolicy ContinueUntilAccept
 <AuthBy SQL>
  DBSource dbi:Oracle:sid
  DBUsername     username
  DBAuth        password

  # This disables authentication:

  AccountingTable       ACCOUNTING
  AcctColumnDef USERNAME,User-Name
  AcctColumnDef TIME_STAMP,Timestamp,integer
  AcctColumnDef ACCTSTATUSTYPE,Acct-Status-Type
  AcctColumnDef ACCTDELAYTIME,Acct-Delay-Time,integer
  AcctColumnDef ACCTINPUTOCTETS,Acct-Input-Octets,integer
  AcctColumnDef ACCTOUTPUTOCTETS,Acct-Output-Octets,integer
  AcctColumnDef ACCTSESSIONID,Acct-Session-Id
  AcctColumnDef ACCTSESSIONTIME,Acct-Session-Time,integer
  AcctColumnDef ACCTTERMINATECAUSE,Acct_Terminate-Cause
  AcctColumnDef NASIDENTIFIER,NAS-Identifier
  AcctColumnDef NASPORT,NAS-Port,integer
  AcctColumnDef FRAMEDIPADDRESS,Framed-IP-Address


 <AuthBy UNIX>
  Filename /etc/shadow

 AcctLogFileName %D/detail

Hope that helps.


On Jun 10, 10:34am, Abdul Rehman Saeed wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) sample radiator configuration file
> Hi,
> Plz. do a favor, I have following setup, according to this plz. send me
> a radius.cfg file
> so I just put and start.
> 1- I have installed  radiator on solaris2.6(UNIX) x86 server, DBI and
> DBD for Oracle are installed, configured and tested.
> 2- Oracle8 installed on WindowsNt4.0 server, account radiator created on
> Oracle8.
>     table accounting also created as
>     create table ACCOUNTING (
>         USERNAME        varchar2(50),   -- From User-Name
>         TIME_STAMP      int,            -- Time this was received (since
> 1970)
>         ACCTSTATUSTYPE  varchar2(10),
>         ACCTDELAYTIME   int,
>         ACCTINPUTOCTETS int,
>         ACCTSESSIONID   varchar2(30),
>         ACCTSESSIONTIME int,            -- Length of the session in secs
>         NASIDENTIFIER   varchar2(50),
>         NASPORT         int
> );
> 3-I have created 30 test accounts on solaris.
> 4- I want to authenticate user from /etc/shadow file.
> 5- Accounting (billing) log should maintain on both Oracle table as well
> as flat file on solaris.
> Looking forward.
> Advance thanks.
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