Well the drivers used to talk to the db's are perl modules.  This could be
done as a command line utility and maybe a little ncurses programming
would make it feasible.  I suppose you could always use 'lynx' from the
unix side to access those web utilities from a console.  ;-)  I've done
some heavy duty radiator stuff, including incorporating the error logs and
db search utilities into our tech support software.  Makes it quite nice
for a tech to see if a user is online as well as why they haven't been
getting connected!  It helps if you know perl and I'm afraid I'm not sure
how well my perl scripts would port to NT (I shudder at the thought.)

Aaron Holtz
ComNet Inc.
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"It's not broken, it just lacks duct tape."

On Jun 10, Felix Izquierdo molded the electrons to say....

>Hi Radiators!
>My wishlist for the next version: command line utilities, in special
>versions of radwho and radacct. I know that is trivial to adapt
>radwho.cgi in a command line version, but it would be better if it is
>included with the distribution. Another beautifull utility that needs a
>command line version is nasclear.cgi by Aaron Holtz, now in goodies
>I think that more Radiator users feel the lack of this feature...
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