On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Mike McCauley wrote:

> Hello Hielke,
> On Jun 10,  5:34pm, Hielke Christian Braun wrote:
> > Subject: (RADIATOR) Ascend Max TNT?
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > does anybody use a Ascend Max TNT with radiator server?
> > I have the problem that the Max TNT's try to authenticate
> > some strange users like appleroute-tnt01-1, pools-tnt01,
> > permconn-tnt01-1, frdlink-tnt01-1 and so on. The radiator
> > server does not know about them and rejects them. But
> > the Max TNT's keep on trying to authenticate. Maybe somebody
> > can mail a config or users file for the radiator?
> Looks to me like the TNT is trying to get some of its configuration from the
> radius server. Im not an Ascend expert so I cant tell you too much about this.
> Anyone else?

Just ignore them. I think we get these about once a week or every few
days, once the box is up and running correctly.

I think that Ascend Radius lets you control this stuff (bad idea in my


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