On Fri, Jun 11, 1999 at 08:57:23AM -0500, Mike McCauley wrote:
> Hello Hielke,
> On Jun 10,  5:34pm, Hielke Christian Braun wrote:
> > Subject: (RADIATOR) Ascend Max TNT?
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > does anybody use a Ascend Max TNT with radiator server?
> > I have the problem that the Max TNT's try to authenticate
> > some strange users like appleroute-tnt01-1, pools-tnt01,
> > permconn-tnt01-1, frdlink-tnt01-1 and so on. The radiator
> > server does not know about them and rejects them. But
> > the Max TNT's keep on trying to authenticate. Maybe somebody
> > can mail a config or users file for the radiator?
> Looks to me like the TNT is trying to get some of its configuration from the
> radius server. Im not an Ascend expert so I cant tell you too much about this.

I've seen this before (Cisco emulated the Ascend behaviour). The TNT is asking
the RADIUS server for hints on dynamic IP pools, static routes etc. You can 
either ignore the requests or use the facility provided by them. Ascend have 
documented this on their support website somewhere (don't think Cisco even
bothered to document this).

I guess one solution is to make RADIUS entries for them which don't do anything
that should satisfy it.


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