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> The theory is that using TCP allows the apps to get a better handle on poor
> network connections or down/unreachable radius servers than the
> simple UDP protocol.
> Does that seem like a good idea to anyone?

Partly a good idea.

First thing which comes to my mind is that fact that TCP will lose packets
just like UDP on saturated links - it just provides a buildin recovery
mechanism, it resends the packets. The RADIUS protocol does this too.

One might arrive at the conclusion that if you have serious packet loss on
your internal backbone, you are screwed anyway ;-)

Next, I think if you need an additional layer of reliability between your
RADIUS servers, your network is probably a bit larger than mine ;) And you are
likely to get many RADIUS packets/second. Maybe it would make more sense to
replicate the auth data to each POP and also provide a speedup.

I don't think it is a _bad_ idea - it just occurs to me that it may not be
a very important feature, sorry.

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