> 1. Invent a simple way to encapsulate RADIUS requests on a
> TCP connection, and build a simple app that will receive UDP Radius,
> and proxy it out on a TCP connection. Modify Radiator so it can
> received these proxied requests by TCP

Nice idea. That would also make it easier to pipe the data through a
secure channel as well (ssh will do port forwarding, but only for tcp 
not udp). Bearing in mind things like usernames and calling-station-id
are transmitted in the clear, I think there are many people outsourcing
their modem ports that could see the value in it. Even without a secure
pipe, tcp is a better bet from a security/spoofing point of view than 
udp. Those with everything in one location or who own all their POPs
probably won't see much advantage (surely if udp isn't working locally
then syslog will also being lost, and you can't have that :-) but where 
the radius data has to travel over the public internet it could be
very helpful.

Kind regards

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