Attached is the config and trace level 4 log.  I do not specify MaxSessions but I do 
have Simultaneous-Use set as a check item in the AuthColumnDef.  As I stated in my 
message, the log file isn't reporting any errors which is why I couldn't figure it 
out.  Any help is appreciated.


PS: Perhaps someone could also see the problem which is causing my SNMP errors?  I am 
still getting error messages for SNMP, though it is no longer printing out the usage 
information for snmpget nor is it giving the bash error saying "sh: snmpcommunity: 
command not found"

SNMP error which prints to the console:
Error in packet
Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.
This name doesn't exist:

I know for a fact from typing out the snmpget command manually, that is should say 
"This name doesnt exist: snmpcommunity".  For some reason it is blank.  Any ideas?

PSS: Could these two problems be related?  Is it possible that radiator is snmp 
querying the NAS, not able to connect and clearing all the entries from the session 
Would it log that?

On Fri, 2 Jul 1999 09:40:04 -0500, Mike McCauley wrote:

>Hi Richard,
>I cant immediately think of a reason for this.
>To investigate closer, we will need to see your configuration file (no
>secrets), plus your log file at trace level 4, showing what happens during
>accounting requests.
>On Jul 1,  3:21pm, Richard Hawley wrote:
>> Subject: (RADIATOR) New problem - External session database not working
>> During the week I was on vacation, the session database decided to stop
>working.  And I am having trouble troubleshooting it because of the following:
>> 1) The database is a MySQL database.  The database server is working
>perfectly.  The authentication and accounting work off of the same database and
>they are both working.  I
>> can add, delete, and modify the session table manually with no problems.
>> 2) Radiator is reporting NO errors in the log file (At trace level 5).  It
>seems like it is not even trying to add or check the session database.  I do
>see deleting session for user jondoe
>> for the Stop records.
>> 3) I have Hiper and TotalControl NAS's and I am using SNMP for sim-use
>checking.  I have been having alot of problems with that (previous emails today
>will explain the problem),
>> but I can't determine why the external session database is not being updated.
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