Mike McCauley wrote:
> 4. Some NASs send Acct-Status-Type=Alive accounting packets during the session.
> 5. I have forwarded your message to a chap who I know has some _excellent_ SNMP
> monitoring->mysql software with a web interface. Its about 3000 times better
> than MRTG, highly configurable, with beautiful graphs, but I dont know if its
> on offer to anyone. You may hear from him.

Important information for Cisco NAS owners: there is an open bug (
CSCdj61812 ) requesting for including bytes and packets counters
attributes in the Alive accounting records. As the Cisco NAS owners
know, it's posible to generate periodic Alive accounting records with
"aaa accounting update periodic <min>". Cisco is working in this feature
at this moment.

It will be interesting for Radiator to support this new feature, storing
the counters information in the sessions database but not in the
accounting database.

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