Re: (RADIATOR) SNMP Counter logging
On Wed, Jul 07, 1999 at 04:26:38PM +1000, tom minchin wrote:
> I use the SNMP method to clear the interface, that sends a Stop (IOS version
> 11.3(8)T1).
> snmpset hostname community . i interface

would you have a list anywhere of what these cisco oids mean?

i've spent half of today searching all over the net and i can't find a
listing anywhere of what they mean. (i found cisco mibs on their ftp
site but have no idea how to add the mibs to cmu snmp's mib.txt file).

basically what i want to do is, given a line number (e.g. Se0:7 or
Async20) convert that to various interesting snmp oids and get useful
data out of it.

in particular, i want to find out if a given line is up or down, who is
logged in on it (if possible...scanning enterprise.* oids from a 5200
iit seems possible for async but mysteriously not possible for isdn
connections), when they logged in, and how many bytes they've uploaded
or downloaded.

i've spent most of the rest of today using snmpwalk/snmpget and grep and
other tools trying to make some sense of .* -- i've already
figured out that oids for isdn line 'n' often end in (n+7), and async
lines often end in (n+71). now i want to know which of these can give me
useful info.

i don't want to spend ages messing about with some enormous network
management package (i've got scotty/tkined and that's great for network
monitoring/exploring but i hate scripting in tcl)...i just want to do a
few simple queries in shell and perl.

am i missing something really basic about snmp or is it meant to be
ridiculously clumsy and over-complicated??


Craig Sanders
Systems Administrator
VICNET- Victoria's Network    

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