Craig Sanders wrote:
> does anyone know of a way of terminating dialin sessions (async or isdn)
> to a cisco as5200 which *doesn't* stop the cisco from sending the radius
> Stop record?
> i thought i'd work around the 32-bit counter by using snmp to monitor
> interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifOutOctets and then using rsh to send a
> "clear line" (async) or "clear int" (isdn) if octets was approaching
> 2GB. i wrote a very ugly perl script to do this and it clears
> the connection.
> nice idea. unfortunately, no Stop record is sent when a connection is
> killed in this way.
> i'm not sure which is worse: having no Stop record at all, or having a
> Stop record with negative Acct-Output-Octets...i suppose that failing
> to account for something is marginally better than accounting with
> unreliable data.

Craig, I think you are on an error or it is a bug in the IOS version
that you use. I ever receive Stop record when I terminate a session with
"clear interface", doing the clear over the physical interface (
Serialx/y:b, brix/y:b and async x ), or over the virtual-access
interface if you use this feature.

All my NAS are running now 11.3(10)T, and platforms are 36xx and 26xx. I
also receive all the stop records if I shutdown the PRI/E1 controllers
or the D channel interfaces ( Serialx/y:15 in E1 PRI's and Brix/y in
BRI's ), terminating in this case all the sessions in this PRI or BRI.

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