Joost made a suggestion earlier to add support for a backup LDAP server in order to get high availability. I think it would be a very good feature to have the 'host' specification in the <AuthBy LDAP> clause to accept a string like the ldapsdk call ldapopen(). It would look much like:
<AuthBy LDAP>
Would that be difficult to add ?
- Wilbert
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From: Mike McCauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: maandag 12 juli 1999 10:29
Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) AuthByLDAP doesn't IGNORE on LDAP server failure

Hi Ingvar,

thanks for reporting this. In the forthcoming new release of Radiator AuthLDAP
and other similar authenticators will IGNORE if there is a problem contacting
the database, so you will be able to distinguish between "database failure" and
"no such user" fall through to a fallback database if need be.

The new release will be out in a few days.

Hope that helps.


On Apr 29,  1:33pm, Ingvar Berg (ERA) wrote:
> Subject: RE: (RADIATOR) AuthByLDAP doesn't IGNORE on LDAP server failure
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> From: Joost Stegeman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Hi all,
> To accomodate high availability, we generate a backup dbm file from the LDAP
> data every night so that in case of an LDAP server failure, Radiator will
> fall
> back to authenticating from this file with an ContinueWhileIgnore clause.
> Now it seems that, unlike the AuthBySQL module, AuthByLDAP doesn't return
> IGNORE when the remote server is unreacheable. Instead it returns REJECT. Is
> this for a good reason? The 'SQL' way seems logical to me, it greatly
> simplifies backup authentication procedures.
> We now use ContinueWhileReject, but some of our users have already
> complained
> about their old password being valid after they changed it. (The new one is
> valid too of course and after 0400 the backup file is regenerated so
> everything
> is in sync) I would really like the fall back possibility as it reduces the
> risk of authentication breakdown, and it also simplifies maintanance on the
> LDAP server.
> Mike, could you change this for the next release?
> Does anyone have other thoughts on the matter?
> [IB] Another thought is that it must be possible to configure Radiator to
> use a backup LDAP server, which would require the same fix, I guess.
> /Ingvar
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