On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 06:22:22PM -0700, Greg Kornatowsky wrote:
> We are currently using Raditaor 2.12.1 what is the best way to upgrade to
> 2.9.1
> What kind of problems can we anticipate.  We are authenticating off an SQL
> database, will our existing config file be compatible with the new version?

Hi Greg,
        2.9.1 is a lesser version than 2.12.1. There's 2.13.1 (and Mike
promises a new version RSN so maybe hang off until then). I find with
upgrading Radiator you have to be careful as slight configuration file
changes can mean problems if you try and use it straight off in a 
production environment. Since you're installing most of the Radiator guts
into the perl tree you may have to install it on another machine and 
test it out to see if there's some major show stoppers (using radpwtst)
and so that you don't interfere with your working Radiator setup.


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