Hi Mike ,
Well it works but when I try to start PPP session from the router prompt, it
gives "PPP Authorization Failed".

Frame-Protocol is already defined on PPP. I have already assigned ip address
pool on router. Do I need to define this address pool anywhere in Radius.cfg
file ?


>Hello again,
>As I mentioned, you  need to configure it so it replies with the type of
>Service-Type that the Cisco is asking for. If you intend to support both
>and telnet for the same set of users, then perhaps the easiset way is
>like this:
>AddToReply Service-Type=%{Service-Type},\
>                           Framed Protocol = PPP,\
>                           Framed-Routing = None,\
>                           Framed-MTU = 1500,\
>                           Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobson-TCP-IP
>which will reply with the same service type the Cisco asks for.
>Beware: this will allow any user with a valid password to telnet to your
>Is that what you want?
>BTW, it really would be better if you addressed your questions to the
>list. I may not be able to answer questions sent directly to me.
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>On Jul 14,  3:14pm, Md. Yousuf Niaz wrote:
>> Subject: Re: Problem on Radius Server
>> Hi Mike,
>> Sorry to bother you again. Well..here my Telnet session to cisco works
>> but when I try to use to dial, my acceess box gives "Access Denied"
>> Here is my attached last router config and radius config file. Do we need
>> add anymore service-type with AddToReply?
>> Once again thanks,
>> Niaz
>> [ Attachment (application/octet-stream): "Router.log" 1359 bytes ]
>> [ Attachment (application/octet-stream): "Radius.log" 974 bytes ]
>>-- End of excerpt from Md. Yousuf Niaz
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