Andrew Foster has kindly given permission for this to be shared with you all.
It will also be included in the goodies of the next release with his

Thanks Andrew.


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Subject: Radiator with PORTLIMITCHECK And Bay 5399
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 14:07:30 +1000

Hi Mike,

Here are some instructions on using Radiator 2.14 and Bay 5399/8000 software
16.0 (or higher) to achieve effective SessionLimits.

<Handler Called-Station-Id=/^95555600|^95555656|^95555657/,
        SessionLimit 230
        CountQuery select COUNT(*) from RADONLINE where DNIS='95555600' or
DNIS='95555656' or DNIS='95555657'

    <AuthBy TEST>
    </AuthBy TEST>

in the radius.cfg file.

The following 2 lines should be placed in the %gateway section of
config.annex :

radius_call_pooling 1
radius_call_pooling_calling_no 0

The 5399/8000 must be rebooted for these settings to take effect.  The RAC
will then send out an Access-Request packet when the call arrives on the D
channel, and depending on whether it receives an -Accept or -Reject back
will answer or not answer the call.

You may wish to include the sample Session database entry (from the
documentation), and the above entry into the annex.cfg file in future
versions.  I've tested the above handler entries which work quite well.  I
know that some people have been looking to do this with the 5399s recently.
(Effectively reserving one particular number one channel, and allowing other
numbers to have a combined limit.  A handler with a more general regexp, and
a SELECT line with some and DNIS != ... entries would do this as well).

Andrew Foster

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