This is great.   But Mike, I cannot get the upgrade.  Is my password
removed?  The user name is 'ans'.

About the new features, I have some questions listed below the features.

Mike McCauley wrote:
> ...
> New authentication module PORTLIMITCHECK, which can check
> enforce simultaneous-use limits for arbitrary groups of users. This
> can allow you to sell bundles of ports on a global or per-POP basis,
> or DNIS etc. It can also set up Class attributes that depend on how
> many users are currently logged in in that group, so you can have
> different charging bands for normal and overflow usage etc. Requires
> a that a be present in your Radiator config.

Mike, this is a great feature.  However, from your web pages, when the
limit is reached, new callers will only be rejected.  But he still have
to pay Telstra 25c for the call.  Since he does not know exactly why he
is rejected, he will normally call again and again.  Thus this
implementation will become a great revenue generator for Telstra, sad!

An Ascend user told me recently that using Ascend with the Ascend's own
Radius, they can implement a similar thing by limiting the max. no. of
sesssions per dial in number or dial in group.  But they can return a
busy tone to the callers after the limit is exceeded.

Can this be done with Radiator?  More can this be done together with our
Bay RAC8000/5399s?

> Changes to session databases so that when a NAS is checked for a
> simultaneous use, the original username (prior to any
> RewriteUsername) will be used.

We rewrite user names to treat upper case and lower case names the
name.  This help new users a lot.  With this new feature, will we have a
risk that someone can log in simultaneously by using an upper case name
and a lower case name separately?

> ...


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