We would like to authenticate against an LDAP server, but rather than
actually look up and return the value of the PasswordAttr field to Radiator,
we'd like to send the uid and password, and simply have the LDAP server
authenticate this against its one-way hash'ed password for that user and
just return an 'accept' or 'reject'...

This would be preferable because we use an LDAP server with a Netware NDS
back-end that already incorporates an NDS password (i.e. one that isnt
accessible via an LDAP attribute) for other services, and rather than
extending the schema with a password attribute that is a snapshot of the NDS
password, we'd like to use it directly.

Has anyone created a solution for this?

If not, can anyone offer advice on creating an AuthBy module to perform as
described above?


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