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On Jul 23,  4:05pm, Ricardo Kustner wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) proxying Acct?
> Hi,
> On 23-Jul-99 Mike McCauley wrote:
> > its not possible to change the AuthByPolicy in the middle of a Realm.
> > Instead,
> > we would suggest doing it like this (untested):
> ># Handle all acccounting requests here
> > <Handler Acct-Status-Type=/.+/>
> I've tried this setup but i doesnt work... i guess it's because i'm using
> several Realms too... including a DEFAULT realm... according to the docs, it
> first checks realms, then looks for default realm before trying out the
> handlers....
> so maybe i should convert the cfg to Handlers instead...
> is <Handler realm=open.com.au> exactly the same as <Realm open.com.au> ?
> and <Handler> would be the same as <Realm DEFAULT> ?

If you have a Realm DEFAULT, then Radiator will never look for a matching
Handler, so you are right: the right answer is to convert to using Handlers
instead of Realms.

Hope that helps.


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