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On Jul 25,  7:48am, Paul Black wrote:
> Subject: Re: (RADIATOR) Getting Started
> I've now got Radiator going fairly well and using the latest ACC dictionary.
Next I would like to start rewriting login names used on the Radius
> prefix. I have a PortMaster 2e which a some of my customers use. These people
generally want a shell login, so login with a prefix of M, ie,
> Mjoe, this gives them a login menu which they can get to my shell server
with. All well and good except it causes problems with my accounting
> system which ignores accounting records for Mjoe as it is only looking for
records with a user of joe.

Radiator logs the username that arrives in the accounting from the NAS (subject
to any RewriteUsername that affects accounting packerts, of course).

> Can anyone tell me how to configure Radiator to log the real username and
leave off any login prefix?

I think the only way is to use RewriteUsername. Some NASs allow you to change
the User-Name the NAS thinks it has online by returning a User-Name attribute
in the reply. That might help.


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