I'm almost finnished with setting up our radiator to handle accounting... 
It works really great, just another example of how powerful radiator is :)
(and our old accounting system doesnt even notice any difference because
radiator sends copies of the accounting requests!)

There's one little odd thing though... Radiator gives me these warnings in
de logfile:

Tue Jul 27 16:16:47 1999: WARNING: No such attribute Timestamp

when i look in the dictionary supplied with Radiator, i see the
Timestamp Attribute has nr. 103 :
ATTRIBUTE       Timestamp               103     integer

normally when i see something like this, i just add it to my ascend dictionary,
but the ascend dictionary has this:
#       Source Auth information (in connection of "authcode-" user profile)
ATTRIBUTE       Ascend-Source-Auth              103     string

so what should/can i do about it?
strangely, the timestamps added to the SQL accounting tables and
SessionDatabase are *correct*... 

E-Mail: Ricardo Kustner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 27-Jul-99
Time: 16:13:52

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