On 28-Jul-99 Hugh Irvine wrote:
>>so what should/can i do about it?
>>strangely, the timestamps added to the SQL accounting tables and
>>SessionDatabase are *correct*...
> We have tested this here with no errors, so could you please send us your
> config file (no Secrets) and an extract of the corresponding Trace 4?

well, it doesn't give any real errors on our system... I know Radiator gives
warnings because it's not mentioned in the dictionary... so i want to add it to
the dictionary manually but the number being used for Timestap (103) in the
dictionary supplied with radiator conflicts with something already assigned by
Ascend, as i mentioned in my previous email...
But i do wonder who generates the timestamp then... I guess radiator creates

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Date: 28-Jul-99
Time: 13:05:56

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