We have made a minor release of Radiator version 2.14.1. It mostly provides new
features of general interest. If you do not need those festures, there is no
need to upgrade from 2.14.

>From the history file:

Revision 2.14.1 (29/7/99) Mostly new features

Added new <ClintListSQL> clause that allows you to have your Client details in
an SQL database, rather than in your config file.

Added example Microsoft Access database to goodies. Works with the
example sql.cfg, and also includes some sample queries and charts.

The fix to default /32 in Ascend filters in 2.14 did not work properly
in all circumstances. Found by Ricardo Kustner. Thanks Ricardo.

Rolled in additional dictionary entries from ACC into the standard
dictionary. Added the ACC dictionary to the

Added support for NasType and Client-Id check items

Fixed problems
that prevented AuthBy NT working with the latest
version of Authen-Smb (Authen-Smb-0.91) on
Unix. They changed their naming standards for

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